About World Virtual Race Challenge

Are you ready to push yourself toward your personal best?

During this time of uncertainty, we’ve noticed two undeniable shifts. The first: people have begun to prioritize their health in a much more deliberate way. The second: people from across the world are figuratively coming together in droves.

Just look at how we welcome the opportunity to support each other remotely! In the midst of our social distancing, we’ve found a greater sense of accountability and greater systems of encouragement and support.

World Virtual Race is here to accelerate that motivation and goodwill. We’re an online community who’s setting out to run the circumference of the planet from our homes.

And we’re doing it together!

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Everyday as you log your miles and training, you can upload your progress and join a team of like-minded friends, from all walks of life, who’ve undertaken the same challenge. Use your GPS and fitness tracker to measure your daily distance. Then at the end of the day, or when you’ve finished your workout, report your stats online and come contribute to this singular event..

Record & Upload Your Activities

We want as many people as possible to conquer the World Marathon Challenge! Along the way, you’ll receive feedback and positive affirmations from your fellow race participants, and the personal satisfaction of accomplishing this monumental feat.

Once complete, you can reward your achievement with our limited edition medal while setting your sights on new goals for fitness and self-development.

Lace up your trainers, and get ready to race!

Take on a seismic feat!

The World Virtual Race is inaugurating its World Marathon Challenge to give YOU, a motivated athlete, a chance to connect with likeminded friends and race the equivalence of one full loop around the earth.

Through it all, you’ll be logging your progress online and working toward a shiny reward medal through your participation — with daily encouragement from fellow racers across the world who are taking on the challenge in their own homes.

Now is a time to be physically distant, but socially together.

To make that virtual lap around the planet, you will run, walk, hike, bike, or swim for 24,902 miles.

For racers living in the same household or working out in groups via Skype, zoom, or Face Time, you can achieve this goal as a part of a team effort while checking in with the larger community.

If you’re an individual logging miles independently, rest assured, you will have the full support of a your global siblings spurring your progress and cheering you to the finish line.

Here’s how it works: for every work out session, use your personal GPS device or Fitness Tracker to record the day’s distance. Once you’ve uploaded your data to wvirtualrace.com, we’ll help you document your cumulative miles and set a goal for when you’ll reach 24,902.

Now’s the time to take on an ambitious feat that will jump-start your productivity, increase your health, and allow you to bond with active social-distancers from across the vast globe we’re pushing to circle.

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